Summer camp in Cleveland, Ohio, designed to offer school-aged children an opportunity to learn about Latino culture through music, dance, art and language.


Mi Pueblo Culture Camp offers children an opportunity to learn about Latin-American culture and language in a 5-day camp held the week after Father’s Day in Cleveland Heights, OH. Some, but not all, of our children are adopted. The focus of this group is not on adoption but learning the traditions of Latin American countries through dance, music, games, crafts, cultures and language.

Mi Pueblo, which means “My People,” “My Village,” “My Nation” in Spanish, is one of only a handful of similar camps for children of Latin American heritage. While most campers are from throughout Northeast Ohio, many come from Columbus, Cincinnati and Athens, Ohio and the states of California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Mi Pueblo reserves a block of rooms at a local hotel at a reduced rate for Camp families.

The camp provides children, who range in age from 6 months to 14 years, with a positive and fun environment in which they may learn about the cultural heritage of their birth countries, and can gain pride in both their heritage and themselves. Classes in dance, music, games, crafts, culture and Spanish language all focus upon the traditions of Latin American countries.

In addition, campers are treated to special guests through- out the week. Past years have included presentations on the animals from Central and South America, Latin America art and citizens from a number of Latin American countries who talk about growing up in their native lands. Latin American bands and Dance Theater troupes have also entertained campers. Culminating the week’s activities is a Fiesta celebration on Friday night. Campers, dressed in traditional costumes, present dances and songs they learned during the week. Each year Camp activities focus upon a theme. Recent themes have included “Latin America Through the 20th Century” and “The Nature of Latin America.”