Summer camp in Cleveland, Ohio, designed to offer school-aged children an opportunity to learn about Latino culture through music, dance, art and language.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is camp held? 

Camp is held the 3rd week of June each year, Monday -Friday.  The week culminates in a Fiesta on Friday night.

Where is the camp held?

Camp is held at Forest Hills Church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio (the camp has no religious affiliation, and simply rents the church space).

What is the age range?

Camper grades are from Pre-K through 9th grade (incoming for the Fall term) or approximately age 3 through age 14. Teens through current year high school graduates may choose to volunteer or attend a Teen program.

A family childcare room is available for children under the age of 3 where a family member (or designated individual) can stay with the child during camp.

Who runs the camp?

Camp is run primarily by volunteers, including many camper parents, as well as camp alumni.  Classes are taught by professional teachers, all of whom are of Latino heritage.

What is the daily schedule?

Camp typically runs from about 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday, with a Fiesta on Friday evening.  In addition, there is a meeting on the Sunday evening before camp, for all volunteers.

Campers participate in a variety of classes throughout the day, including games, dance, music, culture,  Spanish and crafts. Many special events are planned during the week featuring artists, storytellers, animals and more. We have field days for the whole camp with games and special treats. Teens also have special activities throughout the week.

An authentic and delicious Latino lunch is provided each day by our volunteers – and is a highlight of the day.

Where do out-of-towners stay?

Most out-of-town families stay at the same hotel. This gives those families additional opportunities to spend time together.  Occasionally, families may stay with local a local camp family by special arrangement.

How big is the camp?

In recent years, we have had 60-70 campers and teens. We also often have as many volunteers as campers.

Tell me about volunteering.

Camp administration is staffed by adoptive parents and camp adult alumni.  Camp homerooms are staffed by adoptive parents, camp alumni and teens. Volunteering is not required, but is a great way to be involved in the camp community!

Note:  All volunteers must pass a background check and a questionnaire (or interview) prior to volunteering. All teachers pass a background and credential check.

Tell me about Fiesta.

Fiesta is held on Friday evening. Campers and teens perform songs and dances they have learned during the week. Delicious Latino food is served.  An auction & raffle are also part of the fun, with many interesting items, some from Latin America. Everyone is welcome at Fiesta, and there is typically no fee to attend (special reunion events may have a fee).

Campers and teens perform at Fiesta, and are asked to wear specific costume items for their performances. Some costume items are provided, but campers often are asked to wear specific clothing items from home. Information about costumes will be communicated to families prior to camp, so families may gather those items in advance.

How is Information Communicated?

Email, Facebook, and a daily newsletter during camp are the primary methods of communication with families.

What is the Cost?

In 2023, the cost is $220 for campers, $100 for teens, and $60 for childcare.  Costs may vary each year.  A delicious homemade Latino lunch and all activities are included.  Families are also encouraged to become members of Mi Pueblo’s parent organization, Concern for Children, which requests $30 in annual dues.